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10 Simple Ways to Be Healthier

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In many cases our lives are very busy and trying to be healthy alway seems like a time consuming thing.

We’ve compiled the 10 most simplest and not time consuming things you can start doing in your life to be healthier. Having no time is no longer an excuse!

  1. Shop on a full stomach. Such a small idea but can really make a difference in what ends up in your shopping cart. Shopping on an empty stomach is a easy way to buy what ever sounds good on impulse. This leads to buying more unhealthy things an you would usually buy.
  2. Eat from a smaller plate or bowl. This one might sound silly but it truly makes a difference on the amount you eat. Eating with a smaller plate helps you feel satisfied with less food and is a easy way to keep yourself from eating way more than you need to!
  3. Take the stairs. The elevator is so nice, brings you to your floor with minimal effort, but taking the stairs once in a while is a good way to check off being healthy for the day. It’s also a great way to tone your leg muscles without a traditional workout!
  4. Buy a plant. Plants are a great way to add some character into your office or home and they purify the air around you. Snake plants are a great choice to start as they’re low maintenance and have a great simplistic look to them!
  5. Turn off your phone time to time. This may help stressed individuals achieve some relaxation, no more pestering emails and mindless social media for a little can really improve your mood. Take this extra time to get to know your new plant friend!
  6. Go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends. Having the same sleep schedule every day is a great way to create a sense of routine. If you wake up at different times during the week it can lead something called social jet lag, which can throw off your body’s natural sleep schedule. A great addition to that is turning off phones and electronics an hour before bed.
  7. Say hello to a old friend. When’s the last time you caught up with your old pall? Take some time to make those close relationships because Harvard psychologist found that they’re the key to living happier, healthier lives. Lack of social connections could be as big of a risk to your health as smoking!
  8. DRINK WATER! Water can help you stay energized and hydrated. Some fitness experts even claim you can lose weight if you drink water before ever meal!
  9. Practice mindful eating. The idea of mindful eating is to pay attention to what you’re eating, why you are eating, and how fast you’re eating. Take the time to eat slowly, chew thoroughly, focus on how you feel while eating and if you’re actually hungry, and turn off the TV. Many studies show that mindful eating can help you lose weight!
  10. Snack on healthy foods. Instead of candy try some fruit or a healthy granola bar. Keeping healthy snacks in reach is a great way to fight those food craves we all get. Some great healthy snacks can include nuts, fruit or even dark chocolate!

Don’t forget to add a little healthy in your day!


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