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Making Your News Year’s Resolutions Stick

By January 14, 2020Uncategorized

New year, new you! Starting a New Years Resolution is one of the joys of the new year! We plan to workout, and better ourselves so the next year can be even better than the last. Although the failure rate of New Year’s resolutions is about 80%, and most people give up mid February. This is how to make you New Years Resolutions stick in 2020!

Why resolutions don’t last.

Many times we set big goals with unrealistic expectations. When a goal is out of reach it’s easy to forget and give up and “try again next year.” Having a time line for your resolutions is helpful. Setting short-term, medium-term, and long-term benchmarks can give you little victories along the way to keep you motivated! Starting off small, like going to the gym a couple days in the week or slowly cutting out those guilty pleasures can make prolong your motivation to continue.

Another reason why resolutions don’t work is there’s a negative connotation. Try to frame your goal positively, instead of saying “I can’t eat these chips” say “I can eat the carrots and ranch as a snack.” Focusing on what you want to avoid makes it even more tempting to do/eat.

Last, but not least, the goal you set, is not about you. Make sure your goal is unique to you and not influenced by friends, family, or society. Do what you want in life and what you want for yourself!

How to make them last this year.

  • Start small: Make small changes to your diet or routine and slowly make your way to your goal.
  • Focus on one goal at a time: It takes a long time to change a habit so reassessing everything in your life can get overwhelming.
  • Share it to the world: Tell your friends and family, neighbor or even you local grocery store cashier! You can also join a support group or workout class to help reach your goals. It’s a great way to share your struggles and successes with that’s on the same journey makes things less intimidating.
  • Don’t beat yourself up: Nobody’s perfect, we all make mistakes. Small slip ups are ok, don’t just give up because of one mistake. Pick yourself back up and get back on track!
  • Ask for support: You can’t do everything on your own! Having emotional support from those who care about you will help you strengthen your resilience and manage your stress.

New Year Resolution Ideas

Can’t figure out a resolution for this year or need some new ones? Here is a list of a few unique resolutions to add to your list!

  • Learn something new everyday
  • Be more grateful
  • Set aside an hour a day to achieve your dreams
  • Enjoy the little things
  • Learn a new skill
  • Be kinder to yourself
  • Travel

Make this decade count! Set aside your bad habits and create new memories! Happy New Year!

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